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Date: August 6, 2012 Author: Mary Luciano Categories: Raw Training and Fitness

Death Valley to Mt. Whitney
Sunwarrior is proud to partner with Croix Sather as he takes on Death Valley and Mt. Whitney with a monumental trek from the lowest point in the continental United States to the highest. Cheer him on as he runs this "Solo Self-contained Crossing" Ultramarathon that will carry him 146 miles and up 25,000 feet in 3 days.

There will be no aid stations or water stops; Croix must push his own food, water, and supplies, weighing over 250 pounds, as he races toward breaking a world record.

Croix has created a Runner's Endurance Pack of his favorite Sunwarrior products. Help sponsor his epic run into the history books. Save 20% off the Endurance Pack and get his inspirational book, Dream Big Act Big, for FREE now! 20% OFF Sunwarrior + Free Ebook



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