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Date: September 4, 2009 Author: Mary Luciano Categories: Raw Pleasure and Pure Joy

 First on my list of "What's Hot" this fall is a really cool concept event called "4 Masters 1 Mind™" - Taking place Sunday October 18th from 1-3 pm, it is a combination of TV's The View meets TV's Whose line is it Anyway... Four expert coaches/therapists who will be addressing your hot topics in the areas of: the mind, relationships, romance, human behavior and dynamics, emotional intelligence and expression, and consciousness. It is definitely for you if you have an open and curious mind. Click here to read more about this novel concept and Joshua Zuchter, the founder, along with the other three experts that will be joining him that day - for more detailed information about this fascinating day with 4 Masters 1 Mind™ click here.

Join Erico Lapanno and Olga Antzoulatos this fall, as they take you down a journey that explores quantum reality and the interconnectedness of nature from the quantum to the universe. This documentary has been a labor of love for both Erico and Olga as they have been working very hard these last few years to get this documentary out to the masses. I can't wait to see it as I have been hearing bits and pieces of this project as it was evolving. Enrico is also a wonderful musician and worked endlessly with composing and producing the music for this documentary. A must see! Click on The Matter of Everything for more details and show dates. Both Erico and Olga will be there for questions after the viewing.

Another must see documentary if you have not already done so is Food Inc. Over the summer I have noticed more and more people talking about the issues surrounding our food consumption, from the over production and consumption of corn, to how animals are being treated and their living quarters and the problem with obesity and how it is partially connected to both the above mentioned issues and more. I am sure this movie is partially responsible for this chatter. Food Inc. reveals the truth about what we eat, how it is produced, who we have become as a nation and where we are going. August 31st 2009's Time magazine put out an issue with the headline "The Real Cost of Cheap Food" to read the article click here. If you haven't read it sure to be an eye opener. Just scroll down the page and keep clicking to read the next pages. If you are interested in seeing Food Inc. Click here for show viewings in Toronto.


Lamont Alexandre over at Kangenwatertoronto.com has been busy supplying people with Kangen Water® and information about Japan's superior alkalizing water systems called Kangen Water®. Kangen Water® which has been in Japanese Hospitals since 1965 is finally available in Canada .

Alkaline water which can be also known as ionized water or micro-clustered water, is changing the face of drinking water as we have known it. As we are well aware, not all water is the same. Bottled water is often acidic and the plastic of course is toxic to the body. Our body needs as much alkalinity as possible not only from the food we eat but also from the water we drink. Kangen Water® forms smaller water molecule (hexagonal) clusters, which enables the body to become super-hydrated. Kangen Water® also best prepares the body for absorbing the important vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Lamont regularly hosts meeting about Kangen Water® every week at 33 Mill Street, Suite #1406, in the heart of the Distillery District. You must RSVP to these events or it will be standing room only. The next two events will take place on October 4th and October 8th. Wade Lightheart will be hosting the October 4th meeting - for more information about Wade click here.

This is the most important devices you could ever buy if you are in a serious healing crisis or are just trying to improve your health. If you could only buy one thing to improve your health it is the Kangen Water® machine.

Contact Lamont Alexandre at kangenwatertoronto.com for more information and tell him Mary Luciano sent you for a FREE 30 day trial. If you have any questions about Kangen Water® you can also email us mary@thehealthylivingeducationcenter.com

For the latest in natural health, alternative medicine, health and green living products and services, including over 60 well known speakers the Whole Life Expo is the place to visit November 27,28, 29th. The Whole Life Expo brings you the most comprehensive array of natural products and services all under one roof, The Metro Toronto Convention Center. For more information on the Whole Life Expo click here. Just a note - their website is not fully updated with this year's scheduled speakers and exhibitors, however, you can take a peak and see what they have so far. Bookmark this webpage so you can browse sometime next month for more details.

Last but not least, I have been hooked on a radio show on the internet called Everything is Energy with David and Kristen Morelli on Thursdays. They have excellent speakers and topics weekly that will inspire you to keep listening. They also have great tools to help you heal your mind, body and soul. Topics include love, wealth, health, and quantum physics. Love is definitely in the air when you listen to this couple. Their mantra says it all, "Change your energy, change your life".

They also host one of the most powerful programs to come around in years - maybe decades! It's called >The Prosperity Tribe. In this program Kristen and David help you move through stagnant and sabotaging energy and help you break down deep blocks to abundance and authentic wealth.

Kristin is a self-made multi-millionaire (by age 30) and David is an energy worker of the highest caliber. He is sought after by many well-known teachers of the Law of Attraction to work with them on breaking through their own blocks to wealth and success. Together Kristin and David are an extraordinarily powerful team who are dedicated to help others make the shift from lack to abundance. They teach that True Abundance = an abundance that embraces money and ALL good things in life. You can get a glimpse into the power of the program and meet Kristin and David at this link.

This couple and the work they do are nothing short of amazing! I am so grateful for having found them. This extraordinary couple has teamed up with NYT Best Selling author, star of the hit movie The Secret and one of the nation's leading experts in happiness - Marci Shimoff to bring you a Revolutionary 4 week Coaching program. Learn how to achieve happiness, abundance and millions. A free teleclass will be held on Sept 30th at 5:30 pm (Pacific Time, 8:30 Eatern Time). So if you are looking for something new and exciting, you DEFINITELY have nothing to lose! Click here for more information.

Oh...and yours truly will be doing a presentation at CBC's Employee Wellness Day again this year on Wednesday October 28th. I will be talking about how to transition your diet to new heights. I will be discussing the top three white foods that should be eliminated from your diet, what foods to substitute that taste great and that will help to decrease body fat, that you can actually enjoy and at the same time not feel deprived (this event is for CBC employees only).

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