Beauty and the Breast! Mammography or Thermography?

Date: November 1, 2008 Author: Mary Luciano Categories: Raw Pleasure and Pure Joy | Raw Truth

We have become a society that has become obsessed with breasts. Movies, television, magazines and newspapers are full of images of partially clothed and fully exposed female breasts.

Perhaps you don't realize it but women are as obsessed as men about their breast. We compare ourselves with other women based on the size of our breasts. Given the amount of advertising and clinics that specialize on breast augmentation proves that. We dress them up with millions of choices of bra models, colors, materials, and brands. Not to mention nipple rings. Ouch! And of course there those of us who like to tease men's imagination by showing a bit of cleavage; I don't think anyone wishes to be referred to as just a pair of boobs. But unfortunately a lot of women's sexual identity is found in their breasts.

But I am not here to discuss our breast obsession. But rather, to be open to alternative ways we can prevent women from undergoing unnecessary and potentially devastating treatments for suspected breast cancer. How can women be able to detect tumors sooner rather than later?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were a test that could offer women early detection of breast cancer without the dread and discomfort associated with mammograms?

While at the Hippocrates Health Institute in 2004, I remember meeting many women from around the world that came to Hippocrates to get alternative treatment for breast cancer. Some were simple cases and some worse than others. At the time Hippocrates was in the process of researching a new medical technique used to assess breast health. There was lots of buzz about this while I was there but I had no idea what it was all about. Shortly after Brian Clement visited Toronto on one of his lecture tours and I remember a woman asking if they had gotten their thermography machines. Ah! That's what the buzz was about. I just thought there was more breast obsession going on.

However, since then my interest peaked so I started to do some research to find out more about about thermography. In short this is what I found:

Thermography is a medical technique used as a first line screening procedure to assess breast health. Breast tissue abnormalities are detected with a highly advanced infrared camera. It is a sensitive non-invasive method of effectively screening for early functional changes of breast tissue. By the time you feel a lump in the breast, it may be already past the first stage, and that affects your chances of survival. Fortunately, breast thermography has the ability to warn women up to 10 years in advance, which is way ahead of what mammography can do.

In addition, to the oohs and ouches of mammograms from all the squeezing/compression of the breast tissue we should also be concerned with the radiation that we are being exposed to from mammograms. Also mammograms do not decked fast growing tumors in the pre-invasive stage. When they do detect them at that point it might be too late. They have also proven that they are not always accurate.

Conversely, besides early detection, thermography locates the exact problem areas allowing for more precise focus should it be necessary to take the next step be it mammogram or ultrasound. There is no harmful radiation emitted and therefore can be repeated as many times as necessary. And best of all no squeezing, pressure, or touching by equipment or strangers.

However, it is important to note that thermography is not necessarily a replacement for mammography but can be used as a complement to it.

As much as our society has become obsessed with breasts we should be no less obsessed with eradicating the disease that afflicts them. Be it through natural nutrition or alternative screening techniques.

For more information on thermography check out Dr. Mostovoy's websites at



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