Raw Pleasure and Pure Joy! The Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Date: September 26, 2010 Author: Mary Luciano Categories: Raw Nutrition | Raw Pleasure and Pure Joy | Raw Truth

Fall always brings new and colorful fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy. Some of you might have already been introduced to the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15, but I thought I would include it anyway as a seasonal reminder.

Another key reminder is to purchase fruits and vegetables at your local farmers' market and support farmers growing organic foods.

DIRTY DOZEN (Worst to best) Buy Organic
1. Celery
2. Peaches
3. Strawberries
4. Apples
5. Blueberries
6. Nectarines
7. Bell Peppers
8. Spinach
9. Kale
10. Cherries
11. Potatoes
12. Grapes (imported)

CLEAN 15, Lowest in Pesticides (Best to not-so-best)
1. Onions
2. Avocado
3. Sweet Corn
4. Pineapple
5. Mangos
6. Sweet Peas
7. Asparagus
8. Kiwi
9. Cabbage
10. Eggplant
11. Cantaloupe
12. Watermelon
13. Grapefruit
14. Sweet Potato
15. Honeydew Melon

3 Reasons Why You Should Care about Pesticides

  1. Small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can cause lasting damage to human health, especially during fetal development and early childhood.
  2. People who eat five fruits and vegetables a day from the Dirty Dozen list consume an average of 10 pesticides a day.
  3. Rinsing reduces but does not eliminate pesticides. Peeling helps, but valuable nutrients often go down the drain with the skin.

EWG analysts have developed a guide based on data from nearly 96,000 tests for pesticide residues in produce. Studies were conducted from 2000 - 2008 and collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. AA detailed description of the criteria used to develop these rankings can be found at http://www.foodnews.org/methodology.php with the complete list of fruits and vegetables tested at http://www.foodnews.org/fulllist.php




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